Hot Stone Massage

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Hot Stone Massage in Ahmedabad

Hot Stone Massage in Ahmedadbad

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At first, it might seem weird to have warm, flat stones placed in specific locations on your body. But these are special stones with a purpose. 

Massage therapists typically use Basalt river rocks. These rocks are smooth and hold heat well. 

Using a stone heater, your therapist heats the stones to temperatures between 110 and 130° Fahrenheit. This is the ideal temperature range to warm your muscles without burning skin. 

Stones sit along your spine, on your chest, feet, palms, and even your face. 

After the stones heat your muscles, your therapist begins the massage

As the warm stones sit on your body, they help put you into a state of relaxation--both physically and mentally.

When your muscles are warm, they respond better to massage techniques like kneading and rolling. The benefit of the heat resting on your body releases deeps tension to helps ease sore muscles.

When your therapist is better able to massage your muscles, your experience is more relaxing. 

Hot stones help kick start your total mind and body relaxation. 

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